Studio Portrait by S.H. Photo

Dizzy has prepared acts that range from weird to wild to wonderful- sometimes all at once.
Here are some of her more popular pieces, but she is always working on something new.

Dirty Martini Time by SH PhotoMae by Markus AliasLooking For Trouble by SH PHotoHarlem Nocturne by SH Photo

Classics: Dizzy performs several types of traditional bump n' grind, including the pictured 60s influenced "Dirty Martini Time,"a white and gold tribute to Mae West, a tribute to Jane Russell in a fully recreated costume, and a stocking peel tribute to Elizabeth Taylor. (Photos: S.H. Photo, Markus Alias)

Small Wonder at Victory Variety Hour

Small Wonder- Dizzy's debut act begins with a perfect doll
and parodies the ideal girl.

(Various / Styx "Mr. Roboto"/ Robert Goulet "Real Live Girl")

Photo by Fernando Guerrero

Dobby Does Dallas

Dobby Does Dallas- Dobby is a free elf! Free to take her clothes off and experiment with wands.

(Hedwig's Theme / Ginuwine "Pony")

Photo by Jason Kamimura

At Monday Night Tease

Georgia On My Mind- A tribute to the flower-loving artist, this act has two incarnations-
one comedic and one traditional.

(Storm Large- "8 Miles Wide" or Ray Charles "Georgia on my Mind")

Photo by S.H. Photo

Bad News, Dan Hendricks

Bad News- In one of her first signature pieces, Dizzy delivers the news and discovers not only is it bad, but she is too.

(Rilo Kiley "Portions for Foxes")

Photo by Dan Hendricks

Small Wonder at Victory Variety Hour

Little Red Corvette- This little redhead moves fast, but the ride is so smooth you won't mind a bit.

(Prince- "Little Red Corvette")

Photo by Armando Arorizo

Pand-Asexual at Boobs Against Humanity, Rendevous Theater

Pandas are terrible at sex,
but seduction is going down.

("I Would do Anything For Love (but I won't do That)")

Photo by POC Photo

Small Wonder at Victory Variety Hour

Deeply Toxic- A commentary on the relationship between Britney Spears and her 'adoring' American Public.

(Mashup: Britney Spears- "Toxic" / Adele "Rolling in the Deep")

Photo by Brian C. Janes

The Great Gonzo at MNT's Muppet of Burlesque Show

Gonzo!- As the grand finale of the Muppet of Burlesque Show, Dizzy gets weird as the rubber tire eating Gonzo the Great.

(Gonzo / Sid Vicious "My Way")

Photo by S.H. Photo

All Eyes, Dan Hendricks

Killer Queen- She's a killer queen (bee) in this act, created to benefit Lifecycle, a charity ride to end AIDS.

(Queen- "Killer Queen")

Photo by S.H. Photo

Tyrannosaurus Sex, Markus Alias

Tyrannosaurus Sex- Jurassic Park's most famous maneater.

(Jurassic Park Theme / Hall & Oates "Maneater")

Photo by Markus Alias

Dizzy and The Giant Peach, Mila Reynaud

Dizzy and the Giant Peach- using the music of Tim Burton's take on a childhood classic.

(James and the Giant Peach Soundtrack)

Photo by Mila Reynaud

Cheetara at SD Comicon 2009

Cheetara- Created for Comic-Con, Dizzy performs as an 80s Sunset Stripper who is ready to run.

(Mix includes Van Halen "Running with the Devil" and Bruce Springsteen- "Born to Run")

Photo by S.H. Photo

All Eyes, Dan Hendricks

All Eyes on You- A classic Dizzy number that begins with subtlety, but before it ends you will not believe your eyes.

(The Guess Who- "These Eyes")

Photo by Dan Hendricks

Strawberry by Markus Alias

Strawberry Fields Forever- Dizzy's contribution to the Beatles Burlesque show has her turning from Strawberry Shortcake into a strawberry shortcake. This is as saucy as it gets... Delicious!

(The Beatles- "Strawberry Fields Forever" / Prince "Cream")

Photo by Markus Alias

Ted The Bellboy at MNT's Tarantino Burlesque Festival, 2008

Four Rooms- a part of the Monday Night Tease's Quentin Tarantino Burlesque Film Festival since its inception, this act is a comedic strip in the style of Ted the Bellboy. Dizzy was lucky enough to perform this act for Quentin Tarantino himself in August of 2010.

(Combustible Edison- "Vertigogo")

Photo by S.H. Photo

The Lion Tamer, Monday Night Tease

The Tamer- Dizzy is the the only one who can tame this savage kitty- and she'll do it with love.

(Presidents of the United States of America- "Kitty")

Photo by S.H. Photo

Bad News, Dan HendricksOperator- For the Monday Night Tease's Laugh-In Show, Dizzy channels the great Lily Tomlin as your friendly neighborhood telephone company representative.

(Sade- "Smooth Operator" / Blondie "Call Me")

Photo by S.H. Photo

Gold Dust Woman- Currently under renovation. This Rhinestone Cowgirl gets dirty, makes you break down and shatters your illusions of love. (Fleetwood Mac "Gold Dust Woman")

Sing and Strips: Dizzy sings while she strips down for the crowd. (From Damn Yankees: "A Little Brains, A Little Talent" and from Little Shop of Horrors: "Somewhere That's Green") These numbers are performed often when she hosts shows, along with the Disney-specific "Poor Unfortunate Souls" from The Little Mermaid.

Lonely Christmas- Dizzy is fed up with trying to fit into Christmas Spirit and uses the stage to break free. (Neil Diamond- "Jingle Bell Rock" / Kyle from South Park- "The Lonely Jew on Christmas)

Candy Girl- a tribute to Valentine's Day and its ubiquitous candy... and subsequent over indulgence. (New Edition- "Candy Girl" / Weird Al- "Eat It")

Back to School- In the tradition of fine teachers every where, Dizzy schools the audience in a thing or two. (Four Tops- "Back to School")

La Migra- a satire in several minutes, Dizzy has put together a few variations on an act to suit the times; previously known as "Gitmo Burlesque," the most recent incarnation features her as a member of the Border Patrol. (Medley includes The Beatles- "Happiness is a Warm Gun" and Tiny Tim's "Walking in the Sunshine")

Various Other Acts: Sharp Dressed Man, Don't Leave Me, She's Come Undone (The Sweater Song), Paint it Black, Sorry/Not Sorry, The Desperate Housewife (Donna Reed meets Joe Pesci), Blood Lust (a Shadow Go-Go), The Three Detectives (Monk, SVU, CSI)