Studio Portrait by S.H. Photo

Equal parts Gypsy Rose Lee and David Lee Roth, Dizzy Von Damn is known
for both classic and neo-burlesque.
She currently resides and performs regularly in Seattle, Washington.

Crowned Miss Viva Las Vegas in 2008, Dizzy has performed in Boston,
New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Dallas, San Francisco, San Diego,
and Los Angeles and Orange Counties. She was named one of the top 50 performers
of 2009 and 2010 by 21st Century Burlesque.

"A commanding presence... quick-witted and above all confident."
- The O.C. Register

"One of the brightest stars of BURLEZK today! When Dizzy Von Damn
hits the stage and does her classical strip, she takes me back forty years
to sensual, sexsational, tease of yesteryear! I LOVE HER!"
- SATAN'S ANGEL, Legend of Burlesque and Queen of the Fire Tassels

"Four Rooms! Yeah!" - Quentin Tarantino, followed by a high-five

"I'd work with Dizzy again in a heartbeat. She is a total professional backstage, an utter loon onstage, and a pleasure to be around at all times. She has that essential spark, that fire for the stage, a genuine love for her craft and especially for the audience. She is irresistibly appealing, for her humor and charm even more than her considerable gorgeousness. Did I mention that she's a nutjob? Thank heavens."
- Tigger!, Mr. Exotic World 2006

"I saw Dizzy Von Damn! make her debut performance at small club in Glendale and immediately realized a star had hit the stage. From talent and sex appeal to costuming and stage presence, this girl had it all.
She was born be to a headlining act!"
- Lili VonSchtupp, Performer & Producer